Tips & Tricks


Sparkling Glasses
Add a little white vinegar to the final rinsing water of crystal and fine china. It cuts through grease residues and leaves dishes sparkling clean.

Ink Stains
Soak ink stains on washable fabrics with milk and leave until the stain has been released. Thereafter launder as usual to remove all traces of the milk.

Tackling Grimy Keyboards
To clean your keyboard dip a few cotton-wool buds in methylated spirits and wipe down. Use dry cotton-wool buds to dust thoroughly between the keys.

Treating Curry Stains
For light curry stains, first scoop up any sauce; then rub the stain with a solution of 1 Tablespoon Borax to 500ml water. Rub stain with a soft sponge, rinse and blot dry. Wear rubber gloves to do this task.

Apply the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon to dye stains and adhesive marks on skin. Rub gently, then rinse well with clear warm water.


A thick puree usually made from vegetables such as tomatoes and used as a sauce.

A filling made from cream and chocolate.

This term means fat. It is butter that has been melted after which the milk solids and foam have been removed.

To mix butter with flour using one’s finger tips to rub it in.

A light dish either sweet or savoury, into which whipped egg whites have been folded causing the soufflé to puff up when baked.